Sunday, September 17, 2006

GWB v McCain: Voice Your Opinion Tonight on NS

Tonight there will be a three hour debate on who has a better plan to keep us safer. Will it be President Bush? Will it be John McCain? Or maybe a Democrat? Voice your opinion tonight between 7-10pm EST on Pundit Review's Radio Program. (You should really read their article they've put up about this discussion. It's great!)

You may reach them by dialing 877-469-4322. You may listen to Kevin and Gregg by streamlining WRKO.

Matt, from, will also be able to give his weekly, "Someone You Should Know" segment at 9pm. Do not miss this! (You should also go out and buy his newly released book, "The Blog of War."

PS. Did you know Gregg has also written a book? Why yes he did! His book is, Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies from A-Z.

Also, if they ask you to register in order to listen streamlining, go ahead. It's free. :)

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