Friday, February 03, 2006

Now That Hamas Has Been Elected To Run Palestine, And Peace Prevails ...


Israel Defense Forces troops on Friday thwarted what could be a major terror attack when arresting two Palestinians attempting to smuggle explosive belts out of the West Bank city of Nablus.

The Palestinians, aged 20 and 21, said they had been planning to bring the two explosives belts, each holding seven kg of explosives, to someone on the other side of a checkpoint on the northern end of Nablus, who was planning to detonate them in the center of the country.

The army said troops also found a knife in the suspects' possession. Sappers were neutralizing the explosives. No injuries were reported in the incident.


Security officials said Thursday that Hamas activists were involved in launching Qassam rockets from the Gaza Strip at Israel after the organization's victory in the elections, despite its policy of maintaining "calm" in the territories.

Maybe we need to do as former US President Jimmy Carter said and "not cut off aid to the Palestinian people". After using up two good explosive belts as well as a handful of quality Qassam rockets surely the Palestinians could use a few extra US dollars to replenish their arsenal.


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