Saturday, January 14, 2006

Who Is It Now

Let a bunch of terrorists fly planes into American buildings and kill 3000 people and we get a lot of tough talk from countries like Germany, France, and Russia but when it comes time to put up or shut up they are more likely to shut up. They had a lot to worry about because they were in up to their elbows in the oil for food scandal and since many weapons were found in Iraq that came from them it is no wonder they opposed our invasion. When America used intelligence from all over the world to assess Iraq the Democrats accused us of cooking the books and fabricating a case for war. Now, the countries who would not step in are in a very awkward position. They face a closer to home terrorist threat and they are nervous.

Iran has restarted its nuclear program. Only an idiot believes they restarted because they never stopped. They have been working on this stuff all along and I would say they have progressed further that we think because they are making a lot of noise indicating they are not worried about other countries. They might even already have a nuke and are looking for a reason to use it. Whatever the case, the intelligence that surrounds this does not include any from the US (or at least none publicly acknowledged). All the reported intelligence came from that side of the world.

The thing is, the other countries are now worried that Iran might pop a nuke in their butts. They should be worried because the terrorist running Iran has made it clear he would wipe Israel off the map. Strange how when it is in their back yards they are more concerned and willing to take action. When the US was talking about UN security council sanctions (in addition to the many resolutions) there was indications that some of the permanent members would vote against us. One vote stops the action. Now, we have them wanting (along with us) to go to the UN for sanction. I know we will vote with them but it would be nice to screw them by voting against. Maybe this is why Merkel from Germany was here. She is afraid the US will not back them because they did not back us. After all, the nuke problem over there does not affect us directly. It is unlikely they have a missile that could hit us. I think we should let Germany, France, and Russia make their own decisions and fight their own wars, if any, in Iran.

Why should we get involved? We have our own business to tend to in Iraq and we should not be the lead on the one in Iran. The other countries are more affected, let them develop a coalition and go fight while we sit back and say how terrible they are and that they lied and people died blah blah. Yeah, that is it. We should tell them we will consider their position in the UN and will vote with them if we can. Then we can tell them we do not agree with them invading Iran because there is no connection between Iran and nuclear terrorism since they have never attacked anyone with nukes. We can tell them that if they do go to war we can not commit our troops and that we will criticize them and the elected leaders daily about the hundreds of thousands of people they killed even if they did not.

It is really strange how a country's position changes when it is in danger. We warned that leaving terrorist regimes unchecked would lead to trouble but no one listened. Now, they are making the same claims about Iran that we made about Iraq. Funny how the focus changes. So have fun, let us know if it gets too tough.


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