Friday, January 13, 2006

Ted Kennedy As Reported By The federalist Patriot

I mentioned in a previous post that Ted Kennedy had a lot of nerve to discuss women's rights or any issues involving women given his history with women. Many of you know that I view Kennedy as nothing more than a womanizing drunkard who killed a woman and used his influence and wealth to cover it up. This is from the Federalist Patriot (in an email) and basically espouses my views (except I would never insult an alien that way):

You heard it here first: Ted Kennedy, the Democrat Party mascot, is a tone-deaf alien from a distant galaxy. How else to explain his impudent inquisition into the integrity of our nation's next Supreme Court justice, the Honorable Samuel Alito?

In Senate Judiciary Committee hearings this week, Kennedy actually asserted that the nominee's association with a conservative Princeton alumni group two decades ago should disqualify him from a seat on the High Court.

Well, it's not as if Judge Alito is a spoiled trust baby who got kicked out of Harvard for cheating. Nor is he a United States senator who got drunk, drove a young female campaign worker to her death, then chose not report it to authorities until the next day, and then, only after calling his lawyer, concocting an alibi and developing a strategy to contain the political fallout.

Only an extraterrestrial could wield so much power over the minds of some Bay Staters, willing them to re-elect him to the Senate in perpetuity. Perhaps they are "Manchurian constituents," but we digress.

Kennedy is a real piece of dung and it should be an embarrassment to every person from his state to know he represents them. What did Massachusetts do to deserve the punishment of Kennedy and Kerry?

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