Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Fiction Age

There was a story released last night about the 13 miners trapped in West Virginia that was incorrect. It was devastatingly incorrect, but was it the fault of the media? Apparently, not this time.

Three hours after the news of the men surviving, it was reported they had not indeed survived. One man has survived with lung damage, but he did not suffer any brain damage (as far as is known.)

There is a rumor you may have heard that someone overheard the rescue workers and relay the news of their survival to the rest of the people. This did not happen. ABC News Correspondent Vic Rapner (sp?) explained this morning on Doug McIntire's radio talk show that it was the Mining Company that stated the men were alive.

This has not been cooberated, and I have sent this information to
I have found an article which explains what happened. Remember, this is still speculation.

There are now rumors that some people are blaming this tragedy on President Bush. I cannot cooberate them, but let us hope this is not true. This is neither the time nor the place to be playing politics. (Remember, this is Sen. Robert Byrd's state.) This is very pathetic politics if you have to snipe at one another without regard for the grieving.

Update: It does not take the Democrat Party any time at all to bring disgrace to itself. While people are mourning and trying to understand what happened with the reporting and why this tragedy happened, the Democrats were busy trying to find anything way they could to blame this on President Bush.

The Boston Globe, on page 2, has written words right out of the Democrats mouths. When did they do the research? Who told them to do the research? Why were they not sharing their condolences? Is the Party so morally bancrupt with hatred for our president that they would rather forget the people?

I will leave that judgement up to you. Please read the article in its entirety. That is so you can keep it in context. I find it rather saddening, personally. They used to stand for something. They used to love this country. I do not see this anymore. Maybe you will. If you do, please share it with me.

Hat tip to Kevin at the Pundit Review. Please read his article on this situation. He has several facts about the differences in administrations between Clinton and Bush. One of them is the fact that more people died in 2000, 48, than in 2004, 28. He wrote a very compelling and thoughtful article.


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