Sunday, January 01, 2006

Newdow Wants Atheism To Be Official Religion Of The US

Michael Newdow, the atheist lawyer who has decided that his wishes are more important than greater than 90% of this country has now filed a suit to have "In God We Trust" removed from our currency. The absence of a belief in religion is atheism, which the Supreme Court has, ironically, ruled a religious belief. Therefore, Newdow wants his religious belief to be the one upheld by the government which is truly a violation of the First Amendment. As I have stated many times, Congress is not making a law establishing a religion (has anyone seen such a law enacted by Congress?) and GOD is not a religion. God is the Deity in whom many religions believe. The money does not say We only trust in the God Christians, or Jews, or Muslims, worship, it says in God indicating the God that any religion believes in.

Our founders had deep rooted religious beliefs (mostly Christian) and the founding documents mention God as the Creator. God is mentioned in a number of our historical documents and now Newdow wants to wipe out a couple hundred years of religion to favor atheism. This man has to be stopped but it is expected the 9th Circus Court will side with him. The issue is expected to end up before the Supreme Court where I am sure they will interpret the Constitution correctly and leave the national motto on our currency. This will not stop Newdow who will find some other cause to involve himself in and attempt to further erode the Constitutional rights of the citizens of this country to participate in the free worship of religion, any that they so choose, including none.

The US has had enough of this guy and the manner in which he allows his hatred for his ex-wife to spill over to the rest of us. He is a scurvy little spider spinning his web bigger and bigger to capture and erode the fabric upon which our society was founded. It is time to reject this loser and the losers on the 9th Circus.

As usual, the ACLU is involved and you can bet it is for the money they make off the taxpayer. We will be better off without Newdow and the ACLU. How on Earth did we ever make it before they were around to tell us right from wrong?

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Blogger Combat Doc said...

Sorry to upset you but not ONE of the founding documents has god or religion mentioned in it in a legal sense. The Constitution only mentions religion in it once and that is to say that there will be no religious tests in government. THe Declaration doesn't mention god but a creator and even if it said America should be christian it is not a legal document in that it has no bearing on US law. Atheism is the religion of the US and has always been since the Supreme Court has, since our founding, rejected any religious additions to the constitution. Maybe if you ultra right christians actually read the Constitution and the bible you might just see that the two don't mix and ALWAYS disagree. Just read this and then write back. Keep blogging!!!

1/01/2006 10:06 PM  

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