Tuesday, January 17, 2006

SCOTUS OK's 'Doctors' Right to Murder'

In a 6-3 opinion handed down today, the US Supreme Court gave permission to Oregon doctors to kill their patients. They call it 'assisted suicide' now. However, in Sweden, we have already seen the abuses.

When you are elderly, unable to pay for your bed, someone else needs your bed, etc, then they kill you. THEY decide when your life is over, and the family has no say. There is no recourse. Is this what we want in the land of the free and the home of the brave?

Hugh Hewitt was discussing this very issue on his talk radio program, but in a different perspective. He was speaking with John Eastman (from a university, I forgot the name. I think it was Chapman? It is in California.)

They were discussing the merits of the commerce clause, the prescription drugs issues (one of many the government needs to come to grips with as to if they have the authority to regulate it,) and the differnce in the dissenting opinions.
"Proponents of physician-assisted suicide will, no doubt, claim this ruling rejuvenates their tired argument that there is 'dignity' in taking your own life - an argument that Americans have increasingly rejected. The truth is that the court did not condone physician-assisted suicide at all," said Earll.

Today's decision was simply about the federal government's authority to regulate narcotics, not a justification of assisted suicide," she concluded.
To be continue, no doubt.


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