Friday, November 18, 2005

Phone for Sen. Murtha...from Iraq!

Sen. Murtha has been heard all the way to Baghdad, and they do not like what they are hearing. Let me correct that. There are a few who would appreciate his offer. They are al Qaeda, Syria, and Iran.

Egypt, the Emerates, Jordan, and most other ME states do NOT believe it is a good idea for America to cut and run.

I must offer my OPINION on this but before I do, please allow me to share with you an Iraqi voice. Mohammed, of Iraq the Model, has a very good article facing this issue. You really should read it. He is there and could give a better perspective on the ground than I.

I have been watching very closely to this war, because I consider it to be part of the War on Terror. I will not argue whether or not Saddam had a hand in 9/11/2001. That cannot be proved, and that is not why I was in favor of this war.

I believed then, as I do now, that the Iraqi people have suffered enough. There has been mass graves found with approximately 400,000 people falling victim to Saddam and his sons. That whole government was corrupt and evil, and these people did not deserve to live like that.

Also, Saddam was supposed to comply with the 18th resolution of the UN, which he did not. It was up to him, not President Bush, to come clean about his weapons. I remember the 3000 chemical suits that Iraqi soldiers left behind in a hurry. Why would they have them if there were no weapons?

Why did Sen. Rockefeller go to Syria in January 2002 to warn them that President Bush had made up his mind to go to war against Iraq? We were still fighting in Afghanistan! That gave Saddam and Assad 1 year and 3 months to hide all of the weapons in the entire world! Is this sedition? I am not a lawyer, but I do not believe the Constitution was written for lawyers. If it were, there would not be so many jokes about getting rid of them! lol.

I remember how Saddam treated the Shiites who rose up against him after the war in 1991. We should be ashamed that we left them to fight on their own, and that is what you are asking us to do now?

Then there was a northern and southern no-fly zone. Why? Because Saddam stole the Kurdistan land and brutalized both the Kurdish people and the Shiite people. Do you remember Chemical Ali? He murdered several thousands of people. This was genocide. Are you okay with that? I am not.

In 1991, we had a cease-fire, not a treaty. Saddam continuously shot at our planes. Planes that were intended to protected those people from this monster. Factually, we had the right to continue the war at that very moment, because the cease-fire was broken.

I know it is easy and much more comfortable to push all this into the back of your minds. This is definitely true. After all, we cannot help everyone. Does this mean we should help no one? I believe we should help those we can. Especially when it is in our best interest as well.

How is this in our best our interest? That is a good and reasonable question that should be answered. There are many reasons, starting with the fact that Saddam was supporting terrorists (paying Arabs $25,000 for murdering Israelis). We knew he had weapons. We knew he wasn't feeding his own people, even with the money from the Oil for Food scandal. We knew he was a cruel dictator. Yes, he had the second largest oil supply in the world. Would you prefer to walk, you hypocrite?

Take all the reasons, lump them in a pile, and I am going to tell you what you have been missing. We did not go to war for all of those reasons. That's right. President Bush had a vision that is much larger than that.

We went to war do supplant dictators with a democratic government so the people, including women, could be free. There is a poison that is exploiting Islam for the worst of the degenerates. The only way to fight that kind of a war is change the hearts and hopes of the people themselves.

Give the power to the people. Why not? You have it. Do you want to deny it for others? Are you that selfish? I do not believe you are. Truly, I do not.

If you would remember a long way back, the first draft of the war was to democratize the WHOLE REGION. The Democrats were the ones who denied the Saudis, Syrians, Iranians, Jordanian, Lebanese, Yemenese, and others their God-given right to be free. And they are for the troops and the little guy? Yeah, and I'm for your dreams (and my nightmares!).


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