Thursday, November 17, 2005

Freedom of Speech vs. the UN

When the summit to discuss who should be in control of the USA ingenuity-born internet, freedom of speech was denied to human rights NGO's. Tunisia prevented access to the sidelines where these groups had planned a meeting before the summit.

These NGO's were also denied any access from inside the summit. There were to be no internet usages during this meeting. This seems very odd, since this was a meeting precisely for this issue!
Rights groups long ago questioned the wisdom of allowing a government with a poor human rights record -- and one which censors the Internet -- to host the summit.

Other countries criticized for human rights and press freedom violations, including China and Iran, are among those spearheading attempts to wrestle supervision of the Internet away from the United States.
The United States of America is pushing back rather hard on this issue. It does not matter which countries are unsatisfied. (see earlier story)

If you are interested in further knowledge of what occurred at this summit and what is happening to your free speech, please go to CNSNews.

Update: Freedom of Speech - 1, UN - 0! It appears that their efforts to wrestle the internet out of the hands of freedom loving peoples has failed. Washington Times has the story.

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