Tuesday, November 15, 2005

World News Today 11/15/2005

Middle East
Blast Outside KFC in Pakistan Kills Three, By AFZAL NADEEN, AP, Detroit News Online.
KARACHI, Pakistan (AP) -- A powerful car bomb exploded outside the front entrance to a KFC restaurant in the southern Pakistan city of Karachi early Tuesday, killing at least three people and injuring 12 others, police said.
Police Blame al-Qaida for Blasts in Kabul, By DANIEL COONEY, AP, The Daily Journal.
KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) -- Police Tuesday blamed al-Qaida for twin suicide bombings against NATO peacekeepers in the Afghan capital. The death toll rose to eight after more bodies were found in a ditch, and security forces searched houses for more suspected attackers.
Israelis, Palestinians OK Gaza Border Deal By ANNE GEARAN, AP Diplomatic Writer, Wyoming News.com.
JERUSALEM (AP) -- Israel and the Palestinians have reached a deal on Gaza border crossings, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice announced Tuesday.
Sistani makes a good decision... by Mohammed of Iraq the Model
In an important step towards more credible and fair elections, senior cleric Ali al-Sistani announced through his office that he will refrain from receiving any of the political leaders running for office in the next elections and will reject the many requests made by many Iraqi politicians.
Liberation of Kabul [Nov. 13, 2001] by Afghan Warrior
Today, the 13th of November, is the anniversary of when the Taliban fighters escaped from Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. On this day the Northern Alliance, with the help of coalition forces, overthrew the Taliban regime from the capital Kabul and made them withdraw to the southern and southeastern provinces as they were ousted from Kabul.

Hundreds seek info from Red Cross on Ethiopian detainees.
A new AP feature, reprinted on Sudan Tribune...
An unknown number of Ethiopians, most of them men, were arrested during political violence two weeks ago, in which police clashed with demonstrators and at least 46 people died. Between Friday and Saturday police released 4,138 people, but many were believed still in custody.
Several Reminders, by The Passion of the Present
(1.) Don't forget to check out press releases issued today by the Genocide Intervention Network and the Save Darfur Coaltion. (The one from Save Darfur is accompanied by an op-ed in today's "Washington Times" by Richard Cizik and David Saperstein.)
UC Panel Endores Sudan Divestment Plan by AP, Sudan Times
LOS ANGELES -- An investment committee of the University of California's Board of Regents unanimously endorsed a proposal Monday calling for the system to divest university holdings from four companies that do business in Sudan.
HIV/Aids Treatment Scandal
Zimbabwe Standard (Harare), November 13, 2005
Posted to the web November 14, 2005 by Foster Dongozi of allAfrica.com.
NEARLY one million Zimbabweans in urgent need of treatment cannot access the life-saving Anti-Retroviral drugs, The Standard has been told.

South America
Planeta Forum is a source for each country in SA which you would like to follow. I highly recommend it if you choose to follow Venezuela, Columbia, Brazil, etc. countries.

More to come...


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