Friday, November 18, 2005

Bias in the Press: Congressman Murtha

Listening to Congressman Murtha yesterday set up some red flags. It was not that he was criticizing the war in general, but, he took lines out of the John Kerry Playbook. I am not besmirching Congressman Murtha's reputation as a decorated United States Marine during the Viet Nam War. I thank him for his service. However, I disagree with Murtha's insinuations that our President and Vice President are not qualified. I also disagree with Murtha's stand for immediate pullout. Both of these are irresponsible given the fact that we are in a state at war with Islamofacism.

After hearing Congressman Murtha's rant, I went to a couple reliable sources, Media Research Center and Newsbusters, to read what the experts in media bias were saying. Brent Baker of Media Research Center had this to say about our grandstanding mainstream media (MSM) performance:

....the network evening news broadcasts tonight all lead with Congressman John Murtha's (D-Penn.) call for the removal of American troops from Iraq. Yet, they seemed disinterested in focusing much attention on Rep. Murtha's denouncing of the Iraq war more than a year ago. (Please see a May 10, 2004 CNN story stating, Rep. John Murtha, D-Pennsylvania, in a news conference with Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, D-California, said the problems in Iraq are due to a "lack of planning by Pentagon chiefs and the direction has got be changed or it is unwinnable.") The networks totally ignored the fact that Rep. Murtha has been expressing disgust with the Bush administration's prosecution of this war since six months after it started.

Here is some additional background regarding Murtha and Iraq: In September 2003, Murtha was raising a big fuss about the United States involvement in Iraq. New York Time reported it then. Apparently the leftists, Murtha, and MSM all suffer from the same selective amnesia.

Now, we have John Kerry trying to grandstand about someone questioning Murtha's patriotism, something that has not happened as far as I know. MSM jumps right on the Kerry bandwagon. So, here we have a bunch of leftists, biased press, and Kerry koolaid drinkers circling the wagons, so to speak, in defense of misguided rants. I would also like to point out the fact that as far as being a congressman, Murtha was discrete and less known congressman. After yesterday, he was an instant celebrity and one the media hyped as an "expert." His rant was not worthy of so much attention.

The best thing I think came out of this is media hype is that the conservatives called out the leftist legislators and requested a vote. Now the leftists can go on record for being inappropriate. And what did they do, of course say that the conservatives were trying to grandstand.

Leftists, wake up. Our enemies are watching and you are playing into their plans; divide and conquer. I wish you would realize the threat of Islamofacism and Caliphate Dreams. It is true that appeasers and apologists have emboldened the Islamofacists.

Lets win the war and then call the troops home. Anything less would be a disservice to our military members and is also a threat to the freedom of our western world.

Re-read al - Zawahiri's letter that was released in October, Letter: U.S. May Run From Iraq and review information that I posted regarding the Caliphate Dreams of the Islamofacists. J.M. Berger authored a report that I highly recommend; al Qaeda's Caliphate
How American Strategy Gave al Qaeda Its Chance To Win The Terror War

In a little-noticed Pentagon news briefing in August, (General) Myers laid out the likely consequences if the U.S. is perceived as retreating under fire. "The stakes are huge," said Myers. "If the Zarqawis of the world, if (al-Qaeda) were allowed to be successful in Iraq, in their view, that would be the start of the caliphate that they envision. The would be huge for the region. You talk about instability. It would be instant instability in that region, in Saudi arabia on down the Gulf states, perhaps Iran, Syria, Turkey."
Leftists, do you know the harm and disservice that you are doing? Aymen al-Zawahiri's talking points sounded much like your leftist talking points. Who is writing for who? I wonder when you are going to figure out what is going on and find out about what Radial Islam's Caliphate Dreams are all about. You better wake up before it is too late.

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