Monday, October 03, 2005

Hardship, yet hope, in Iraq

Mohammed of Iraq the Model has written a very moving article on the condition with which he finds his country. With the referendum fastly approaching, many people, including the politicians, are very terse and apprehensive. This is paralyzing the government at this time. As usual when this happens, the government appears more concerned with their political futures than the welfare of the country.

The Kurdish people which were displaced during the rule of Saddam want their land back. It was taken by Saddam so his relatives and friends could live there, and also because he hated them. With his dethroning and a new country is being born, they want their land back, which rightfully belongs to them.

It has only been 10-20 years since this happened. If Israel is able to give the PA land that they LOST during a war, then the Kurdish people surely have more of a claim than they. This is causing much strife, because the Prime Minister does not seem willing to address this issue, leaving the Kurds to wonder if it will be addressed at all. This was in the news as the President demanding the PM to resign! It appears to have been resolved...for now.

Even through all of this, the Sunnis, Shias, Kurdish, and other minorities seem hopeful about the upcoming elections. It seems as though it doesn't matter whether or not the Constitution passes, because there will be another election in December which they will elect representatives for a four year term. This new elected people will then write the Constitution. This is something to look forward to, because it will hopefully show they are truly a young democracy!

When asked if they thought it has been worth it, this was one reply: "The feeling that the road is going to be rough and costly is growing but hope isn't lost though and I have seen this clear in the eyes of an Iraqi who talked on TV, this man lost two brothers in the Balad massacre a few days ago yet he said 'freedom isn't for free.'"

Indeed. This wisdom goes beyond all borders. Please keep these elections, this man's family and him in your prayers, for those of you who pray. Please read the whole article by clicking the link, because I have left much out of his article. Thank you, and have a good day.


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