Saturday, October 01, 2005

Breaking News: al Qaeda hits Indonesia

Australian news is carrying the story, as well as many others. One Australian is believed to be dead among the 20 or so dead, and over 50 injured in at least 4-8 attacks. The numbers are fuzzy. The AP says it is 2 bombs.

Fox News claims 19 dead, 50 injured. They also say 2 bombs exploded in Bali, Indonesia. As the news comes in, you will be kept up to date. Pray for those that injured, loved ones whom are left behind, and the government.

Why the government? They claim they are going to "hunt down" the people who did this. Let our prayers help them.

Update: Counter Terrorism has two excellent articles about what has happened. One is by Zachary Abuza, while the other is by Andrew Cochran. These are very intelligent men who know of what they speak. Do they ever disagree? Of course! Don't you?

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