Monday, October 03, 2005

Commentary: Kurdistan Bloggers Union

One of my favorite blogs in Iraq, besides of course Iraq the Model, is Kurdistan Bloggers Union. This is a group of people who happen to be Kurdish. They are refreshing, talented, and not afraid to share their points of view.Kurdistan Bloggers Union
Today there is an article that states how they (she, lol) feels about the new Constitution. It is good to know the pulse of all Iraqis, even though I, personally, do not understand why they cannot have their own country. After all, the Arabs that went to war with Israel are getting country that isn't theirs. I guess I'll leave that for another day. lol.

Getting back to the topic. Piling has decifered the Constitution as it affects the Kurds and other minorities. She has done a brilliant job.

She starts with the facts of the Constitution, and what and why people have had discussions and disputes about it. She reports on a number of issues in a logical sense and in order.

Then there is a question/answer part where she poses a question and gives the answer. Most of these issues are those which many of us have questions about, also!

Here are some of the questions: "How about the situation of Mosul", "How Sunnites and Shiites Kurds manage their religious difference?", and "How could we be sure that the article 58 on the return of the deportees of Kirkuk and the departure of the Arab colonists will be really applied?"

It is a very well written article, and a very good read. If you want to understand some of the other parts of Iraq that are rarely discussed, I highly recommend this article.


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