Friday, October 27, 2006

Rush Limbaugh's Favorite Ad

Courtesy of NewsMax.Com

RUSH LIMBAUGH: You've gotta hear this campaign commercial. There's a man running for office as a Republican, running for Congress in North Carolina. His name is Vernon Robinson. ... I don't even want to characterize it. Just listen to this commercial.

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(or read the text of the ad and Rush Limbaugh's comments first)

ANNOUNCER: (Twilight Zone theme song) If you're a conservative Republican, watching the news these days can make you feel as though you are in...The Twilight Zone. Americans are under attack from Islamic extremists in every corner of the world. Homosexuals are mocking holy matrimony, and the lesbians and feminists are attacking everything sacred. Liberal judges have completely rewritten the Constitution. You can burn the American flag and kill a million babies a year, but you can't post the Ten Commandments or say "God" in public.

CHILDREN: One nation, under -- Shhh!

ANNOUNCER: Seven out of every ten black children are born out of wedlock, and Jackson and Sharpton claim the answer is racial quotas -- and the aliens are here, but they didn't come in a spaceship. They came across our unguarded Mexican border by the millions.

VERNON ROBINSON: I'm Vernon Robinson. If you send me to Congress, I'll send that back to the Twilight Zone. I approve of this message, and of traditional American values. (Leave It to Beaver theme song).

Watch the ad here

RUSH LIMBAUGH: Goes out with Leave It To Beaver music. I should point out Vernon Robinson is black, and when he mentions Sharpton and Jackson -- have you seen the spot? When he gets to Jackson, he found a mugshot of Jesse Jackson and that's what he runs and he found a picture of Sharpton with an Afro from years and years ago. (Laughing.) This is a national campaign. I mean, he's talking about national issues. They all have impact locally, but I thought it was the Democrats that were going to nationalize the election this year! I thought Democrats were going to do that. That is Vernon Robinson who is running for Congress ... He's getting grief like you can't believe. This is one of the best political ads in a long, long time, and can I ask you: When you heard that, folks, when you heard that, weren't you going, "Yeah! Okay, yeah, yeah," and, "Why don't more Republicans talk like this? Why don't more of them say these are the problems that we face?" And here's Vernon Robinson in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, saying: I'm a pioneer, and I will take the arrows. ...

RUSH LIMBAUGH: That is just a great, great ad. ... Vernon Robinson is a target now, they are targeting this guy...This is, I mean pardon the French here, this is off the plantation. He has escaped and wandered off the liberal Democrat plantation. This is not allowed. This is not permitted. If they could, they'd grab this guy and send him to One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and let Hillary as Nurse Ratchet try to get his mind right. Either that or send him to the warden in Cool Hand Luke and put him in the box. I can't tell you folks. This wouldn't have happened 20 years ago. You wouldn't have had a black congressional candidate in North Carolina running a spot like this. ... But it's a new day out there. Vernon Robinson, Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Watch the ad here


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