Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Another Bos'un Op-Ed: UN slams US

'Very Grave Mistake' U.N. No. 2's speech angers U.S.

The organization that could not manage their oil for food program and other programs that they were responsible for has slandered the United States and Fox News Service. They even got a chance to kicked Rush Limbaugh around.

One might believe that Deputy Secretary-General Mark Malloch Brown is talking out of his ass. Sorry for the language, but, Brown has insulted me and the American heartland by his rant.

Brown accused the U.S. government of keeping the American heartland in the dark about the world body’s “good works?” Brown claims the United States relies on the United Nations as a diplomatic tool but doesn’t defend it against criticism at home. Brown blames Limbaugh and Fox News for distortion and misleading America. As soon as he can, Brown will sic the world body’s “unfreedom of speech police” on the American heartland. The truth really threatens the little “global village” that Brown lives in. Guess Brown and his donk lefti buddies want to alter reality and rewrite history.

Fortunately, Ambassador John Bolton shot back and warned that Brown’s comments could undermine United States support.
"To have the deputy secretary-general criticize the United States in such a manner can only do grave harm to the United Nations ,,,, Even though the target of the speech was the United States, the victim, I fear, will be the United Nations," Bolton said.
Mr Brown explain to me, on April 28, 2006, the UN indicated that it would suspend aid in Sudan and the Darfur region unless rebel attacks stop. Just who is that going to help? How about the multitude of U.N. rule violations, ethics issues, financial and sex scandals, and the UN troops raping the very people it is supposed to be helping that rocked your organization? Your world body needs some serious spring cleaning from the top down.

However, Mr Brown and his donk lefti at the UN continue to hold their heads high and they place the blame on the United States. Sounds like when the Democrats blame President Bush for everything under the sun.

What a crock of bull Mr. Brown is. More information on why one who lives in a glass house should not throw stones:
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