Saturday, February 11, 2006

Economically Friendly Editorial Papers

There is a group called Club for Growth, which supports people and sensible economic programs. They have decided to make available to the masses economically friendly editorial papers amidst the Left/Liberal barrage of gibberish.
Last week, Mary Katharine Ham and I decided to start an ambitious new project. We wanted to find all of the fiscally conservative newspapers in the country (Here's my original blog post, here's Mary Katharine's). More specifically, we wanted to find those hidden editorial pages that promote economic freedom amidst the din of liberal hysteria found in most newspapers. Below is the official list that we hope will continue to grow. If you want to suggest a free market editorial page to us, send an email to myself (aroth at clubforgrowth dot org) or Mary Katharine (marykatharine at beyondthenews dot com).
It is quite extensive, surprisingly, and it is well worth your time. Be you a Liberal, a Conservative, or an Independent; at least you will be able to find programs and thoughts that can challenge your mind, and help you to either prove or disprove your own wisdom.

There may be only 57 at this time, but it is a breakthrough. There is now a debate on the ideas, instead of the old 'beat each other over the head' strategy. Who knows? Maybe most Americans truly are capitalists!

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Managing Editor is a member of the Club for Growth. We appreciate full disclosure for our reader. lol


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