Thursday, November 03, 2005

War in Francistan

And so it begins; the First European Intifada. More than 20 towns across north-east Paris have erupted in apparently "organized" looting, burning, pillaging, shooting and recently, murdering. The French government is now paralyzed with Sarkozy fighting de Villipan, and Chirac appealing for calm, appropos of nothing.

Now we can see the benefit of Israel withdrawing from Gaza (I was definitely for this at the time)... allowing hatred, racism and fascism to burn on itself, within a wall patrolled by soldiers, rather than forced to fight street by street.

Now we can see the benefit of ensuring that democracy has a chance to succeed in the Middle East. If not, these countries will burn and burn in hatred of their corrupt rulers, massive unemployment, and failed systems, eventually exploding like sunbursts, striking us again and again, as they did on 9/11.

Now we can see what a mess Europe will be in 20 years, after falling birthrates, failing social policies and ghettoized popluations that were never integrated begin attacking because the welfare checks have suddenly run out and there is no cash to buy a new abbaya.

Even in Iraq, American soldiers do not have to fight their own countrymen - it is only the bloggers who have to fight the media-fed lies driving down popular opinion back at home. But in France, there are now multiple generations, it seems; that are rioting against their own police forces - because as we know, they have been ostracized for decades into Ghettos which have recently become little Falujahs of islamo-fascism where the police do-not-go.

So what is next?

In never-never land, the American media continue to disregard this riotous story in France and that one of the school girls beheaded in Indonesia, oh and the number of over 9 million voters in Iraq (up from a previous 8 in January), yet focus on yet another proven-untrue work of fiction from the liar Joe Wilson and yet another claim that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction, though chemicals and scientists continue to pile up both found and dead, and the President's approval continues to fall by reason of these negative stories and rigged poll numbers from CBS and the NY Times. (via population samples far afield from the previous election)

Back in reality, Iraq has now had 2 successive elections of increasing voter & poll workers. Murderous bombings still claim the lives of both Americans and Iraqis, but Iraqis still stand in lines of hundreds to join the police and army forces fighting the murderers. The Iraqi police and army forces are making strides in fighting Islamo-fascism in their country, with tips from their countrymen. American men and women continue to shed blood to demonstrate both our will to win and our commitment to democracy & liberty in the Middle East. Most important, they are doing so in the Heart of this region, where a former dictator used to pay for, develop and house terrorists. Our proud men and women are now demonstrating their prowess and kindness in a country which is sandwiched between the countries of a murdering dictator in Syria and a sociopathic, newly "elected" President in Iran. These two countries plus North Korea, because of the visionary actions of our President, are now the only countries out of an original 6 (Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Syria, North Korea) that were a threat to the world when he was elected.

Thank you, President Bush.


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