Saturday, October 29, 2005

More Photo Doctoring and the left wing agenda

I first heard about this story several days ago in Little Green Footballs by was of Orbusmax. Apparently Shoreline Community College , a brief 15 minute drive from the left coast city of Seattle, is having an Artist and Lecture Series in November. Shoreline Community College invited Ward Churchill to speak at the event.

Either they (Shoreline Community College) or Churchill supplied a very interesting promotion picture for the event. The only thing is, the picture appears to be altered from Churchill's original gun toting picture. The left coast liberals of King County, tripped over their feet again. Imagine a gun toting radial appearing at a left coast agenda affair. After national attention, Shoreline has done the "right thing" by pulling the picture from their website.
It was those darn conservatives who spoiled a left coast agenda art and lecture show. Darn, darn, darn the conservative right.
And, to think that no one would catch the manipulation. Thank goodness for the blogosphere. This whole thing started when a guy named Michael alerted a great blogging site Little Green Footballs. Orbusmax picked it up and published the original story, locally. World Net Daily caught wind of the story and gave it national exposure. And, the MSM was sleeping at it's keyboard. Perhaps it was not newsworthy for such an elite bunch of yahoos.

My questions are: Is this another one of Churchill's sleigh of hands, or, is it a manipulation by the left coast liberal agenda? Did the college doctor the photograph of gun-toting Ward Churchill? And, to backtrack to earlier this week, why did USA Today alter a photograph of Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice? Is all of this a part of the left wing agenda to alter perceptions and public opinion?

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