Friday, October 28, 2005

Liberals lecture Bush on Mainstream Values?

I received Rick Robert's newsletter this afternoon that included an article: Liberals are advising the President the he must nominate someone with Mainstream Values. That got me to thinking. How does our most liberal agenda know what mainstream values are.

To me, a jurist with "mainstream values" is a person who is fair-minded and represents a constitutionally centered approach to our laws and values. However, I have seen our black robes legislate from the bench a freedom from religion, not freedom of religion as is clearly outlined in our constitution. Is not mainstream values all about protecting life, marriage, family, faith and freedom? Liberals are trying to redefine marriage and overhauling the rest. What was once right is now wrong. Liberal tolerance and political correctness is neither liberal nor tolerant. And, political correctness is only correct if you are on the side of those who define correctness.

Rick posed a question "Do they even know what that is?" You can read more on Rick's take on mainstream and the liberal agenda. Link to Rick Roberts Mainstream Values

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