Saturday, June 21, 2008



FUNNY QUOTES, CRAZY IDEAS! Hillary is "No regular candidate, she's Wonder Woman!" according to Jim McGowan, D (MA), speaking to Meagan Kelly on "the Big Story." Read the wole post in the link!

POLAR BEARS ARE NOT ON THE "ENDANGERED SPECIES" LIST, CONTRARY TO BIASED MEDIA (and GOVERNMENT) REPORTS They were listed as "threatenened," even though their numbers have more than doubled in the last 30 years. Why are they being used to fight "global warming?"

UPDATE ON THE SPITZER "DIRTY TRICKS" SCANDAL: CUOMO PROBE LEADS TO SUICIDE Spitzer's (and Pataki's) corruption is far from being exposed!

OIL PRICES FOR DUMMIES Self-explanatory; a simple analysis.

Expansionist Iran: Lebanon, Syria, Gaza The dirty details of the enemies of freedom in the Middle East. Iran may be the expansionist power, but the Saudis are no friends, either. Read this for a limited analysis.

LEAVART POLITICAL CARTOON: Homage/Ripoff/Update I may have emailed this drawing already, but it's kind of a "throwaway" image.

DRILL HERE, DRILL NOW, PAY LESS: SIGN THE PETITION! I'll gladly shill for Newt Gingrich on this one. Please sign this petition, because someone has to put real political pressure on our representatives to drill for domestic oil. Your signature can help Mr. Gingrich's effort to do this. Go to the link in the title to sign. DRILL HERE, DRILL NOW, PAY LESS

OBAMA Vs. McCAIN: Who's Worse For America? Read my problems with both of the candidates, and who I find less distasteful to vote for. They both suck, but one of them sucks less.

BUFFY, THE COSMIC (CONSERVATIVE) KITTY! Another cool image of my cosmic kitty, and a link to the very cool Conservative Cat political blog!

Dems No Friends to Children Who Use Vouchers, or Charter Schools No, dey ain't! Obama "supports" charter schools, but how far? He opposes vouchers, despite their overwhelming support from inner-city minority communities. Is he part of the liberal establishment? YES, HE IS.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Will the windfall profits tax bring the price of gas down one cent? No. Will drilling in ANWR lower gas prices tomorrow? No. Can we have efficient alternative fuels at a cheaper cost than gas, any time soon? No. Will cutting down on our driving, and buying more fuel efficient cars bring down gas prices now? No.

Whenever I hear "We can't drill our way out of this problem," I have three replies: "We can't conserve, alternate, or tax our way out of it, either." None of these will lower gas prices for years.

So next time anyone says "that won't bring gas prices down one cent," remember that neither will any solution they have, in the near term. The fact is that we need a combination of increased domestic oil production and refining capacity, as we encourage promising alternative fuels. Conservation should be encouraged, and financially incentivized, when possible. There has to be a real compromise for all of these long-term measures to pass. Anything less will not be a comprehensive energy policy, and any short-term solution congress comes up with will probably do more harm than good.

Addendum: We can't tax our way out of this, or any of our major national challenges, in the near OR long term. Just so we're clear on that.


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