Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Coulter: Obama to be Ahmadinejad's new psychotherapist?


'If We Could Talk To Animals'

Liberals think all real tyrants ended with Hitler and act as if they would have known all along not to appease him. Next time is always different for people who refuse to learn from history. As Air America's Mark Green said: 'Look, Hitler was Hitler.' (Which, I admit, threw me for a loop: I thought Air America's position is that Bush is Hitler.)"

So writes Ann Coulter in her brand new column at WorldNetDaily. Coulter blasts Obama and his defenders for their "hysteria and rage" over President Bush's comments last week in Jerusalem about talking to U.S. enemies.

Writes Coulter: "Liberals think the way to deal with dangerous tyrants is to send in a sensitive president who will make Ahmadinejad fall in love with him. They imagine Obama becoming Ahmadinejad's psychotherapist, like Barbra Streisand in 'The Prince of Tides.'"

Read Ann Coulter's latest column now at
If we could talk to the animals


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