Sunday, July 29, 2007

Orange Count court defends outsourcing: TO MEXICO

Courtesy of Orange County Register

Public reacts to use of company that sends DMV data to Mexico.

The Orange County Register, By PEGGY LOWE

Orange County's Superior Court contracts with a company that uses workers in Nogales, Mexico, to do the data entry of traffic tickets, a revelation on Thursday that outraged many who fear personal information is leaving the country.

The court has contracted since March 2006 with Cal Coast Data Entry, Inc., a Cerritos company that has a facility in Nogales. Information from tickets – including drivers' license numbers, car license numbers, birth dates and addresses – are scanned at the Cerritos facility and sent electronically to the Mexican facility....The disclosure of the Mexican outsourcing came from an unnamed county law enforcement officer who called a popular conservative radio program, KFI's "John & Ken Show," saying he had concerns about identity theft and the potential for terrorism. But the news had an even larger impact because the shock jocks urged their faithful listeners to call the Orange County Board of Supervisors and complain.  For the rest of the story: Outsourcing traffic court information to Mexico


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