Saturday, January 27, 2007

"To do" articles

This will be a rather unusual post, since I am going to list links to the stories I've been trying to cover. Sometimes, I must admit, I do get overwhelmed. I copy the link and move on. My apologies. I hope you find some of these articles useful.

Monday, 1/15/2007.
Pakistan army destroys al-Qaida hideouts.

Wed. 1/17/2007
Michelle Malkin blogging from Iraq: LGF.

Sun. 1/21/2007.
UK Islamic Groups Organized Campaign Against "Undercover Mosque": LGF.
Media blackout: LGF.
Media Blackout Continues: "I Shot the Infidel": LGF.
Video: LGF.
All of these LGF’s are must reads.
The Islamic Society of Boston and Intimidation 101: LGF.
Benny Morris: The Next Holocaust Will Be Different: LGF.
A New Massachusetts Miracle: Wizbang.

Mon. 1/22/2007.
Afghans Pull Rambo-Style Moves In Defense of Camp: Blackfive.
For Queen, Country, and One Lance Corporal...: Blackfive.
Greyhawk's Surge: Blackfive.
Afghanistan Sit-Rep: Blackfive.
Bagpipes Cryin' - Navy SEAL Poem to Country Music Video: Blackfive.
Tancredo Pull: RealClearPolitics.
Three Bloggers in and about Iraq: Blackfive.
Iranian student leader: Ayatollahs will run if Iran attacked: YNet News.
Is American Support for Middle Eastern Dissidents the Kiss of Death? AEI.

Tue. 1/23/2007
A few Atlantic Review posts you might have missed due to the holidays, etc.

Thu. 1/25/2007
Axis of Evil Update: RealClearPolitics.
Honor Killing in Jordan: LGF.
1964 Lawman Racist caught: Fox News.
Another false reporter story? LGF.
Lebanon Burning: LGF.
Uranium Black Market in Georgia, EU: LGF.
New video of failed bomb attack at London on 7/11: LGF.

As long as I can get this out there, I can start fresh. These are only the links the I saved, mind you! I receive many feeds. There are a few links I even forgot to name, so I am going to publish this anyway. After I do, I will look for the names. For pete's sake! lol.

Everything should be okay now. Sorry it took so long. I've been busy working over at DoD Daily News, My Newz 'n Ideas, Causes of Interest, Loving God Holy and a few of my friends sites. It kind of keeps me busy. lol. Have a great weekend.

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