Monday, April 03, 2006

Warlord Taylor to Face Justice!

My oh my, what a beautiful day! I happened upon these three stories about ex-dictator Charles Taylor and his son, Emmanuel. In the first article, Charles Taylor has been recaptured, I repeat, he is in Custody! That was a close call, because Nigeria let him escape. He will now be prosecuted for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

In the second article, Taylor's son, Charles 'Chuckie' Taylor Jr., was arrested March 30 at Miami International Airport. He is on the UN's restricted travel list, and he entered the USA under false pretense with false papers. He was born in Boston in 1977, but he was with his father and helped run the terror since 1977. We really do have to revisit the way we handle citizenship!

Another article about Charles Taylor speaks to his arrest and what it means to the people of Sierra Leone. In a statement from Prosecutor Desmond de Silva:
"His [Charles Taylor's] presence in the custody of the Special Court sends out the clear message that no matter how rich, powerful or feared people may be -- the law is above them."

Lastly, but certainly not least of all, there is a mention of Darfur, Sudan, along with other African warlords. It appears that it is becoming more difficult for warlords and hardline dictators to make a living off the people in a freely, democratic society. They will not stand for it!

Could it be that democracy is spreading? Yes. Unfortunately with the history not so far in the past of the colonization of most of Africa, most countries still have a sense of insecurity about the westerners intentions. Given time, however, I do believe this, too, can be resolved.

Indeed, today is a grand day for justice. Let us not close our eyes again to these terrors, and there will not be a next time. I know. Wishful thinking. For as long as men live (that includes women!), there shall always be the temptation to dominate. Let us just pray the USA continues to be that power. At least we can demand what is right and get rid of what is not. Have a great day.

Douglas Farah has been following Taylor very closely, and he has written extensively about him. Douglas is also a writer for Counter Terrorism Blog. You may find his latest articles about Charles Taylor's arrest and Taylor's son arrested in Miami.

Nathan from Church and State is having an open trackback this weekend, 4/8-9/2006. I have entered this article, and you may want to enter an article of your own. It is a very good site. Have a great Sunday.


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