Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Photos of Flight 93 Released

Just in from Fox News: Photos of Flight 93's Wreckage Release along with transcript

In the last few minutes before United Flight 93 crashed into a rural Pennsylvania field on Sept. 11, 2001, hijackers aboard the plane ordered passengers to "shut up" and "sit" as they issued a terrifying message: "We have a bomb on board."

Federal prosecutors seeking the execution of Zacarias Moussaoui on Wednesday figuratively placed the jury aboard the doomed flight when they played a recording in which the hijackers were heard giving orders to the passengers. Read the story at Fox News.

Raw Data: Text of Flight 93 Recording
Moussaoui Prosecutors Introduce Gruesome Images
Moussaoui Judge Warns Againt Prejudicial Testimony
Moussaoui Jury To Hear More Painful Testimony
Moussaoui Jury Hears About Impact on Kids
Giuliani Describes First Hours of Sept. 11 on Stand in Moussaoui Trial
Human Remains Found on Roof Near WTC Site
Fast Facts: Quotes From Moussaoui
Prosecution Rests in Moussaoui Sentencing
Flight School Witness: FAA Ignored Moussaoui Concerns
FBI Supervisor Barely Discussed Moussaoui Before 9/11
Moussaoui Judge Allows Prosecution to Present New Witnesses
Moussaoui Coaching Lawyer Put on Leave
Prosecutors Fight Moussaoui Evidence Ruling
Moussaoui Prosecutors File for Reversal in Evidence Ruling
Judge Says Death Penalty Against Moussaoui Can Be Sought
Timeline: Moussaoui Case
Moussaoui Judge May Reconsider Death Penalty
Flight Instructor: Moussaoui Was 'Credible' Pilot
Fast Facts: Moussaoui Jurors

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