Monday, December 12, 2005

US-German Relationship Carnival is Now Available

The Carnival you have all been waiting for is now available. There are 21 respondents, and there is quite a variety of views. There are articles of which I have no knowledge, but I, we, all should.

For instance, did you know that after hurricane Katrina, Germany came to our aid? Instead of waiting 3 months for the water to drain, the whole New Orleans was dry within 10 days. That is news. Why did we not hear about it? Did I miss it? Loren Cobb of The Quaker Economist did not miss this information. She writes Thanks, Germany!

The Atlantic Review also writes about the aid provided by Germany. They have contributed Germany's aid to Katrina's victims
Residents of Berlin, which survived the 1948-49 Soviet blockade thanks to a U.S.-led airlift, are scrambling to send aid packages to New Orleans after seeing harrowing images of flood victims. Many Berliners are calling the Checkpoint Charlie Foundation to ask how they can send food- and clothing-filled boxes, like the CARE packages the city once received from Americans during the Cold War, to ordinary people suffering in New Orleans. (...) [continue reading]
The rest of the links shall be grouped in categories.

German Economy
George A. Pieler, a Senior Fellow with the Institute for Policy Innovation and former Tax Counsel to the Senate Finance Committee, submitted Merkel Outfoxed, or Leading the Pack?, which he wrote for Tech Central Station – Where Free Markets Meet Technology with Jens F. Laurson.

Ralf Goergens submitted his Postmortem of the 2005 German general elections.

Our co-host of the first carnival GM's Corner contributed New German Leadership; Or Just A New Wrapper? which provides info on Angela Merkel and Germany's economic challenges.

US-German Relations
Jim Bass, author of Attack Machine, writes about his father's participation in the Berlin Airlift in 1948 in this article: Germany's Memory Loss.

Kathy Krajco of At The Zoo shares The Roots of Anti-Americanism.

Ray D. submitted Germany's Lilipuz: Indoctrinating Tomorrow's Little America Haters Today. Ray D. is one of two editors at the watchblog Davids Medienkritik – Politically Incorrect Observations on Reporting in the German Media. A must read.

Bruce Miller of Old Hickory's Weblog has submitted German-American relations.

Sandra Plas is the editor of Transatlanticist -- Informed Comments about the US and Transatlantic Relations and a Dutch citizen currently based in Brussels, who spends a lot of time on the other side of the Atlantic. She has shared Eagle Nations.

Clemens Wergin, Editorial Writer and Political Book Editor of Berlin's leading newspaper Der Tagesspiegel, submitted his article Die neue Freiheit about the Schroeder era. If you can't read his Tagesspiegel-article in German, you could try this automatic Google translation. Clemens Wergin blogs at Flatworld.

Chancellor Angela Merkel
Bill Rice blogs at By Dawns Early Light and submitted Germany's Angela Merkel the Next Bismarck?

Shah Alexander from Tokyo contends that Angela Merkel will improve the US-German relationship, as she is from "New Europe." In Bush Foreign Policy: Improving with Europe, Straining with Asia, he regrets that there is no "New Asia" to improve the US-Asian relations. His site is New GEAR.

Rob gives an overview of US-German relations, writes about Angela Merkel's rise to power, the potential for better US-German relations and the Khaled al-Masri case. He writes at Quick Rob.

I have submitted Chancellor Merkel to Visit USA Jan. 11, 2006.

Michael Meyn is a patriot. He is a German from Germany who took a stand after 9/11/2001, and he became a USA citizen. He has written Come as you are, and his site is Misunderestimated Germans. (I seem to remember hearing that word somewhere

Carsten Boesel is the edidtor of TransatlanTicker which is based in Berlin, Germany. He has submitted Wanted: A Bit of Berkeley for Germany. (It isn't what you think. He desires a different educational system.)

The Marketplace of Ideas
Starling Hunter has a very interesting view on Otto von Bismarck. Grand Theft Otto is very interesting. His site is The Business of America Is Business.

Olaf Petersen has written Broken China for this carnival. Remember, this is to mend relationships. He is entitled to his opinions. I would encourage you to be polite in your comments. His site is Extrablog. This one is in English, although many are in German.

Erik P. Hauth with Ringfahndung would like Stanley Williams to escape the death penalty. Please read this. Maybe he has some points you may want to consider.

Last, but not least, was one which I wrote entitled Atlantic Review Carnival: America-German Relations to inform others about the carnival and air some grievences.

Please remember that some blogs may be in German, but you will be able to translate them with this automatic Google translation. Is this cool or what?!

This Carnival has been a great success so far. It would be much more of a success if you would go to The Atlantic Review and GM's Corner to view all the links. Please be polite with the people with which you disagree. Try to remember, we are ambassadors reaching out to mend fences. They are also reaching out. Let us have respect for one another. After all, we are a great people. So are they. Thank you.

Note: If you came here and there is no trackback, please hit 'home.' You have unfortunately reached my single page where I am having difficulty with Haloscan and trackback. That is, if you would like to leave a comment that would be read. Otherwise, I may never know it is there. Thank you for your patience.


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