Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Meet Jack Idema

Super Patriots and Cao's Blog have written much more and compelling information about Jack Idema. Jack even speaks out for himself.

Jack Idema, as well as three other men with him, are America's only POW's in Afghanistan at this time. It is true that Jack is not in the Armed Forces at this time, yet he has worked on counter-terrorism for over 25 years. Possibly 27.

At age 18, he became a Green Beret. Some say he was hard to work with while others found him reputable. At some point, he became contraversial. Possibly because he could do what the others could or would not. He does have his own way of getting the job done.

He is now sitting in an Afghanistan prison, where there have been six al Qaeda attacks on his life to date. He has been to court, had his trial, twice, and has been found innocent. Why is he still in jail? The USA State Department.

Cao has written many well documented and thoughtful articles about Jack's plight, as well as Super Patroits. I highly recommend you look there for your detailed information on this case.

If you would care to help spread the word so other people would at least have an opportunity to decide for themselves, please join this blogroll. It is every open every Wednesday at Cao's.


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