Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Info to Help Free SpecOps Jack Idema

How many of you understand that Jack Idema is a Special Ops man who is imprisoned in Afghanistan? The Afghanistan justice system has cleared him and the 3 others (one journalist) of all charges. They have done this twice.

I listened to an interview that he was allowed to give, and I was shocked. I urge you, if you can tear yourself away for an hour, listen to this interview. I know it can explain what is happening better than I.

You say you support the troops, right? Well, here is an opportunity to put your money where mouth is.

In the meantime, Cao has written extensively and wonderfully about this situation. Please visit her site.

She is also having an open trackback on this Wednesday. If you could write about Jack, that would be awesome. She will have to okay it first, though. Remember, no foul language, and no negativity. This is not your site you will be trackbacking from!

If you would like to join the Free Jack Idema Team, please e-mail Cao. Thank you.

Update: Rottweitler Puppy has a wonderful article ready for your eyes. It is wonderfully written, not the content. The content confirms why we need to make enough noise to reach the White House! Check it out.

Update 2: Please forgive me, I have forgotten to inform you about Super Patriots. This is also a magnificant site! Please visit...often.

Update 3: Kevin from Pundit Review has written an article about this situation. He is very kind, since I asked him to looked into it around 4-5am this morning! lol.


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