Friday, October 21, 2005

TV’S Gloomy Take On Iraq

I was down in Fresno for the past few days, and unfortunately did not know the radio stations to well. I scanned the dial several times looking for some familiar favorites. I stumbled across Air America. Boy, listening to that was like listening to a rant from a crazy person. How depressing the left seems to be with their "hate Bush, blame the military, and other biased and negative reporting.

You know, Mainstream Media (MSM) is not to far off from Air America on how they report the news or their ideology. This morning, after I returned home late last night, I was thinking about how gloomy MSM is when they discuss anything related to the Bush administration. It is like they hope that President Bush fails at everything. Giving President Bush credit for anything is like giving venereal disease as far that the left coast is concerned. Anyway, I was checking into Media Research Center website. Lo and behold, a news column written by Brent Bozell. Bozell's column mirrored my thoughts, but, was written far more eloquently that I could write. Guess that is why he is a journalist and I am just an opinionated blogger.

How many constitutional referedums has occurred in the Middle East had in the past 100 years? 6 - 12 years ago who would have believed that words "Arab Constitutional Democracy?" I would have thought that we were all on drugs if I had heard those words uttered. Brent Bozell's column is a made to order reflection of our most liberal and biased press:

They say that news is a man-bites-dog story. In the Middle East, how common is a constitutional referendum? Have they had one in Egypt? Saudi Arabia? Syria? Jordan? Until the last few years, the phrase "Arab constitutional democracy" sounded like a pipe dream or an oxymoron. But the TV news is addicted to the daily bombing. Terrorists are the real assignment editors of American TV news from Iraq. You really should read Bozells' column and his comments on our most liberal and biased press. I cannot take the credit for his work. It sure sounds like he has hit the nail on the head on this one.

You gotta read Bozell's News Column. Selective reporting is the way of the day.

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