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Middle East Update

The face of the war on terror must include Israel, which some, including the MSM, have not done in the past. Israel is in fact a crucial part of this global war on terror. Caroline B. Glick has another excellent article in Jewish World Review. Here's a taste:

The face of the enemy has changed. If in the past it was possible to say that the war being waged against Israel was unique and distinct from the global jihad, after the events of the past week, it is no longer possible to credibly make such a claim. Four events that occurred this week — the attacks in the Sinai; the release of Osama bin Laden's audiotape; the release of Abu Musab Zarqawi's videotape; and the arrest of Hamas terrorists by Jordan — all proved clearly that today it is impossible to separate the wars. The new situation has critical consequences for the character of the campaign that the IDF must fight to defend Israel and for the nature of the policies that the incoming government of Israel must adopt and advance.

Until recently, Israel, like Jordan and Egypt, did not particularly interest al Qaida. When bin Laden's deputy Ayman al Zawahiri and his military commander Saif al-Adel merged their terror organization, the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, to al Qaida, they adopted bin Laden's approach which dictated suspending their previous war to overthrow the Egyptian regime and concentrating on attacking America and its allies. In the same manner, when the Jordanian terrorist Abu Musab Zarqawi joined al Qaida, he was compelled to put his wish to overthrow the Hashemite regime to the side. Israel was not on the agenda.

But today everything has changed. Israel, like Egypt and Jordan, is under the gun.source

Ms. Glick goes on to explain that Osama bin Laden, in his audio tape this past week, put "Hamas under his protection", inferring that "(1) Palestinians are no longer independent actors; (2) the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority as a part of the liberated Islamic lands where al Qaida can feel at home; (3) he hitched a ride on the Palestinian issue which is more popular in the Islamic world than the Iraq war, where al Qaida is apparently on the road to defeat."

In his video, "Zarqawi emphasized that the destruction of Israel through the conquest of Jerusalem is one of his major goals. Both he and bin Laden made clear that from their perspectives, the war against the US and the war against Israel are the same war."

In Zawahiri's tape, he "explained then that there are seven stages to the jihad before the establishment of the global caliphate. According to Zawahiri, the global jihad began in 2000 and will end in 2020. Today we are in the third stage which includes the toppling of the regimes in Jordan, Syria and Egypt and the targeting of Israel for destruction."

Zawahiri's 7 stages of jihad are taken from a "60 page text written by Saif al Adel".

In his manuscript, Adel laid out al Qaida's intentions for the third stage of the jihad. He explained that the organization needed new bases and was looking for a failed state or states to settle in. Darfour, Somalia, Lebanon and Gaza were all identified as possible options.

As the American author and al Qaida investigator Richard Miniter puts it, "US forces together with the Kenyans and the Ethiopians have pretty much prevented al Qaida from basing in Somalia or Darfour. That left only Lebanon with all its problems with its various political factions, overlords and the UN. But then suddenly, like manna from Heaven, Israel simply gave them the greatest gift al Qaida ever received when Ariel Sharon decided to give them Gaza." source

Radical_islam2_1 Iran is not backing down and in fact announced it's plans, "Iran's Secret Plan if Attacked by US -- Codenamed "Judgement Day"

Eight fundamentalist Islamist organizations have received large sums of money in the last month from the Iranian intelligence services, as part of a project to strike U.S military and economic installations across the Middle East Asharq Al-Awsat has learned.

The plan, which also includes the carrying out of suicide operations targeting US and British interests in the region, as well as their Arab and Muslim allies, in case Iran is attacked, was drawn up by a number of experts guerilla warfare and terrorist operations, and was revealed by a senior source in the Iranian armed forces' joint chief of staff headed by the veterinary doctor Hassan Firouzabadi.

The source added that the forces of the Revolutionary Guards’ al Quds Brigades, under Brigadier General Qassim Suleimani is responsible for coordinating and providing logistical support for the groups taking part in the execution of the plan, codenamed al Qiyamah the Islamic word for "Judgment Day". source

King Abdullah of Jordan and President Mubarak hold discussions

[They] discussed ways to contact the Israeli government when it is formed and showed willingness to cooperate with Israeli Prime Minister to resume peace talks ...

The situation in Iraq was one of the core issues in the summit where the two leaders stressed the necessity of establishing a national unity government in Iraq that represents all Iraqis. The formation of such a government should rid Iraq of the ongoing cycle of violence and killing which threatens not only Iraq but the region as a whole ... welcomed the assignment to Jawad al-Malki to form a new government in Iraq to bring about a breakthrough on the Iraqi scene.

On Iran's nuclear program, ... our aim is to ensure a Middle East free from weapons of mass destruction and to disarm nuclear weapons in the region. source

Asharq Al-Awsat interviews Umm Mohammed: The Wife of Bin laden's Spiritual Mentor:

Umm Mohammed answered the questions of our colleague Naheel Shahrouri in Jordan. She revealed the reasons behind the disagreement between Abdullah Azzam and his student Osama Bin Laden, leader of Al Qaeda. She indicated that the biggest disgrace was Bin Laden's connection to the assassination of Ahmad Shah Masoud, the Lion of Panjshir, and the leader of Afghan jihad. Read the rest here

Hamas warns of new intifada if Palestinian rule fails

A senior Hamas official has warned that attempts to bring down the Palestinian government could provoke the dissolution of the Palestinian Authority and lead to a new, more violent uprising.

Moussa Abu Marzouk, second in command in the Syrian-based leadership of Hamas, said in an interview with the FT that Washington was making a strategic mistake in isolating the new government, a policy he said would backfire. Read it all here

Bahrain Sees Ties With Iran Eventually (That's the headline, but the story is also about ties with Israel)

Though Bahrain has no diplomatic relationship with Israel, such ties could be possible after Israel and the Palestinians work out a final peace agreement, the Persian Gulf country's ambassador to the United States said. "We have no problem starting a relationship with Israel," Ambassador Naser M. Y. Al Belooshi said. "When we start a relationship, we want it to be a lasting relationship." Read it all here

Jordan and Egypt say Abbas, not Hamas, can make peace with Israel

Jordan and Egypt said yesterday they hoped to encourage the newly formed Israeli government to return to the negotiating table and wanted the Palestinian president - not his Hamas-led government - to reach a final settlement with the Jewish state. Jordan's King Abdullah II and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak discussed their common strategy against terrorism and to promote peace in the region, said Egypt's foreign minister after a closed-door meeting in the Red Sea resort town of Aqaba. Read it all here

What is the solution to the Middle East problems, specifically Israel and Iran? Secretary of State Condi Rice says that the United States 'still has many arrows in it's quiver'. I hope all those arrows don't involve the UN.

A reconfiguration of political and diplomatic strategies is also required. Talk of a separation barrier and final borders, not to mention the abandonment of Judea and Samaria to Hamas sounds hallucinatory when standing against us are Zarqawi who specializes in chemical and biological warfare; bin Laden who specializes in blowing up airplanes; and Iran that threatens a nuclear Holocaust. source

That's good advice for Israel, but good advice also for America. Political and diplomatic strategies should always be scrutinized and revised. Secure borders for our mainland are a necessity to try and keep out terrorists. We are standing against Zarqawi, Zawahiri, bin Laden and Ahmadinejad, just like Israel.


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The information below was the first item on the schedule at today's America's Truth Forum. Excerpt from World Net Daily's article "Armerican Hiroshima' linked with Iran Attack: Pakistani journalist who met bin Laden confirms al-Qaida nukes, says they may already be in U.S." Go read it all here

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